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Study in Romania for Pakistani Students

Study in Romania visa Consultant
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Study in Romania for Pakistani students is an excellent opportunity for quality and European standard education. Many European countries allow international students to study in their countries and explore their cultures, and Romania is one of them. Romania is the largest country in Europe and is famous for its mountain scenery, charming old towns, architectural castles, and incredible natural beauty. Romania has done so much for its education system that its literacy rate has increased daily.

Romanian universities are the most diversified in Eastern European countries. Romanian universities rank among the top universities in the world. One of the best universities in Romania is the University of Bucharest. Minimum bachelors and master’s degrees are required to get admission in Romania. If students want to get admission in Romania, they must have their high school certificates and intermediate result cards and certificates.

Students can apply with and without IELTS based on an English proficiency certificate.  Some universities require IELTS with minimum 6.5 bands.

Tuition fees vary from University to University. Usually, for Pakistani students who want to study in Romania, tuition fee are between (2500-6300€) depending upon the course

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 Study in Romania for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language

Romanian/ French / Dutch/ English

Top Universities in Romania

  1. University of Bucharest
  2. Babes-Bolyai University
  3. Transilvania University
  4. Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Lasi

Course Duration

Duration varies as follows:

  • Undergraduate degree lasts for 3-5 years
  • Master's degree between 1-2 years long. It depends upon the course student chooses to study
  • Ph.D. 2-4 Years

Average application Fee


Minimum education required

  • 12 years of formal education for undergraduate
  • Hold a bachelor's degree for master

Average fee structure

2500-6300 € per academic year

Entry test

Non-EU citizens can enroll without taking the entry test.

Is IELTS required or not?

For Non-native speakers English Proficiency letter required. IELTS with minimum 6.5 bands for the English Program

Eligibility criteria

Minimum 60-70% marks or 3.0 CGPA required


Yes, available

Part-time job Working hours

Students are allowed to work 4 hours per day or 20 hours per week

After the study work permit

After five years

Embassy location

House# 5-A،  Street#30, Sector  F-7/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Bank statements

Yes Approximately 2500€ bank statement require

Average monthly expense

An international student can live very comfortably on an average of 300 to 500€ per month

Admission processing time

2-3 weeks

Visa processing time

Two days to 2 months

Free Study in Romania

Scholarships in Romania for Pakistani students

Romania provides fully funded scholarships for international students. For example, Romania government scholarship is available for Master, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. Romania Scholarship is for bright and academically outstanding students who want to study in culturally rich educational institutions. It covers all accommodation and monthly allowance and gives a monthly stipend. This scholarship provides benefits that cover registration fees, tuition fees, housing, essential medical assistance, and discounts for local travel.

Benefits of Scholarships in Romania for International Students

  • No application fee or registration fee is required.
  • Free language course for one complete year.
  • Tuition Exemption for undergraduate, master and doctoral programs.
  • Accommodation expense will cover.
  • Complete medical assistance will provide.

These are the following Lists of Romanian scholarships for Pakistani students.

  • Romanian Government Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint masters Scholarship for Romania 

1. Romania Government Scholarships

Romania government scholarships are fully funded for Pakistani students. The scholarships include bachelor's scholarships, master's scholarships, and Ph.D. scholarships. Every year, the Romanian government funds these scholarships in practically every subject of study through its minister of foreign affairs. As a result, this is the ideal opportunity for overseas students to earn a bachelor's, master, or Ph.D. from Europe for free. Furthermore, Romania is renowned for its high educational standards. Over the years, the country has been prosperous in promoting education and meeting the United Nations' sustainable development goals. For Romania Government Scholarship, students can apply online application at their website. After that, the candidate should apply to the selected University and send the required documents to the University along with the Romania government scholarship application form.

scholarships in Romania

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship for Romania

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is for all international students. This scholarship is fully funded, and they support outstanding students. Students at the master's level from all around the world are invited to apply. Before beginning the master's program, students must hold a bachelor's degree (first degree) or be in their final year of bachelor's studies and have graduated. Their mission is to help those who cannot afford the educational expenses. They cover all expenses, for example, food, health benefits, textbooks, and other recommendations.

Benefits of Scholarships for Master’s Program

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodations at the University
  • Monthly allowance
  • Travel cost
  • Installation cost

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Universities in Romania

Romania has several universities that offer quality education in every field. Pakistani students who want to pursue their studies can avail this great chance to get enrolled in those universities. These are the following top universities in Romania.

  1. University of Bucharest
  2. Babes Bolyai University
  3. Transilvania University
  4. Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

top universities in Romania

1. University of Bucharest

This University was established in 1864. The University of Bucharest is on the top list in the world. The tuition fee for international students is 2,400€ per year. This University is developing modernization solutions to help with all problems in Romania and the world. This University provides qualified teachers for all programmers, and its acceptance rate is 70-80%, which means there is more chance for admission.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Yes, minimum 6.5 bands required

Average tuition fee

2400€ per year

Acceptance rate


Fee Structure

1000€  for international students

2. Babes Bolyai University

Babes Bolyai University is a public research university in Romania. The University has as its central values freedom of thought and the embrace of variety. This University has played a vital role in the innovation of knowledge and the upward strength of society. This University's fee structure is approximately 2900€ per year, and IELTS is required at this University. This university acceptance rate is 75-80%. This University always opens its doors to international students. There are furnished classrooms and productive environments.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Yes, minimum 6.5 bands required

Average tuition fee

2900 per year

Fee structure

  • For Bachelors 4500-5500€
  • For masters 3500-7500€
  • For Ph.D.  14000-15500 €

Acceptance rate


3. Transilvania University

Transilvania University is a higher education and research university in Brasov, Romania. This University has played a vital role in the innovation of research. This University's fee structure for international students is approximately 2200€ per year, and IELTS is required at this University. This university acceptance rate is 75-80%. This University always opens its doors to international students. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS with 6.0 bands

Average tuition fee

2200 per year

Fee structure

2200 per year

Acceptance rate


4. Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University is a public university in Iasi, Romania. This University's fee structure for international students is approximately 2500€ per year, and IELTS is required at this University. This university acceptance rate is 79%

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS with 6.0 bands

Average tuition fee

2500 per year

Fee structure

2500 per year

Acceptance rate


Admission requirements and documents list

Students must complete all documents according to their chosen University's requirements for admission. Every University has different criteria for admission. It depends on the degree.

The following are some of the most usual requirements for admission to a Romanian university.

  •  Students need passport pictures
  •  Must show a valid passport
  •  The Photocopy of a valid visa
  •  National identity card
  •  Matric to onward result  card
  •  University acceptance letter
  •  Evidence of Health certificate
  •  Students have no criminal record
  •  The English language expertise certificate
  •  Must show Letter of a parent or legal guardian of a student
  •  Students can support their studies in Romania, then they must show income source 

Usually admission requirement and documents depend on the University or the study program, further documents could be essential.

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Visa requirements and documents for Pakistani students

All Pakistani students who want to be admitted to Romanian universities for education purposes must require student visa. Embassy visa fee for student visa in Romania is 150 USD. Romanian study visa success ratio for Pakistani students is 90%.

There are the following require documents:

  • Students must have an original passport at least six months before expiration.
  • If they are separate, a photocopy of the passport's data page and the photo page.
  • CV (optional)
  • Original admission letter issued by a university
  • Choose a programmer of study.
  • Police clearness certificate.
  • Bank statement for Romania study visa
  • Languages certificate Romania, or English is optional.
  • Certification is optional.

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Cost of living in Romania

The cost of living mainly depends on the student's standard of living. Romania is a reasonable country for all international students. Their conveyance, housing, and foodstuff are never complex on students' pockets, and they can manage their costs with consideration. The living expenses are depending on the location and city of Romania. However, with 300-500€, a Pakistani students can live there very comfortably.

Free study in romania without IELTS

Part-time working hours and income

Part time work is essential for international students so Romanian universities allow for part time work. Students can support their study expenses and learn how to work in Romania. Working hours for students are 4 hours per day. If University allows students to work, they can efficiently work there and bear expenses.

There are following steps for part time work

  • Students can acquire permission from their University.
  • Students have to write application to their university Administration aimed at agreement to work part time
  • It depends on whether their hostel will allow it or not for part-time work. If they approve their application, then they can work efficiently in Romania.
  • Working time can be, at most, either four hour a day or 20 hours a week. Students can work during semesters, and after completing their education, they can work full-time.

After study work permit/ future opportunities for Pakistan students

If a student studies in international universities in Romania, then he/she have many opportunities for a bright future because these universities partner with many global companies. There are also trustworthy jobs where students can look for a job

  • Applicant must be 18 years old and meet the physical circumstances required for work-study positions.
  • Must Comply with Romanian laws and rules and be of good character, perform well, and have no criminal record or violation of laws and disciplines.
  • When students have been done studying for undergraduate, master or research,
  • Getting a job opportunity in Romania is way easier than in any other European country.

Future opportunities for Pakistani students

Romania offers job opportunities in many sectors, including the industrial, finance, business, investment, and research fields. Romanian HR agencies preferred to hire international students in their companies. Bucharest is famous for more high jobs. Other cities also offer more jobs if they fluently speak multiple languages.

Translator or Interpreter

When Pakistani students visit any country, they must learn their languages to communicate because not everyone can speak English. They speak in their native languages, so being Pakistani; students will have a plus point of multi-lingual nature that will help them a lot in the profession of translator. Because Pakistanis speak so many languages in their own country, they can learn any new language faster than others.

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