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Southwest University (1906)

Chongqing, China
Accommodation: On Campus
In Take: March,September
Languages: Chinese,English
Scholarship: Avalible
Address: No.2 Tiansheng Road Beibei District, Chongqing 400715,P.R.China

Available Courses 348

Law 4 Business,Management 19 Accounting,Finance 5 Engineering 35 Science 138 Social Science 22 Agriculture 26 Architecture 3 Medicine,Health 6 Education,Teaching 49 Industrial Design 4 Linguistics 9 Computer Science&Technology 20 Arts 7



Southwest University was founded in 2005 through the merger of Southwest Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University with an original history dating back to 1906. Southwest University(SWU) has always been living up to its motto. It consists of 600 hectares and an area of almost 1,500,000 square meters. The university has been continuously innovating its programs and courses and formed a characteristic educational system for international students. The enrollment of international students began in the 1950s. As an open and modern university, SWU now offers all programs to global applicants among which more than 30 are English taught.


Since Southwest University(SWU) established, a great number of outstanding students have graduated with degrees in all specialties. The notable alumni include Wu Mi, master of Chinese Literature and philosophy, Hou Guangjiong, pioneer of  China's soil disciplines, and Yuan Longping, father of super hybrid rice. Students at Southwest University can take courses in 12 disciplines out of 13 in the Chinese Higher Education System such as pedagogy, psychology, agronomy, and biology. The university is also home to many advanced research facilities such as the National Key Laboratory of Silkworm Genome Biology, the National Citrus Engineering Research Center, the National Key Laboratory of Ecological Environment and so on.  There are 2,800 full-time instructors, more than 1800 teachers, and associate professors, almost 300 Ph.D. supervisors, and more than 1200 graduate degree instructors. There are more than 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students and more than  1,400 international students from more than 70 different countries and regions. The university offers more than 10 best courses for all international students such as Survey of China, Chinese History, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Paper-cutting, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese -Dancing. The university also provides modern teaching facilities like multimedia classrooms,multi-function classrooms, and a special classroom for Thai students.

Scholarship Details

International students at Southwest University are also receiving recognition. The international applicants can be supported by scholarships such as Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship, SWU President Scholarship, and Zhongshan Scholarship.The International applicants can apply for any of the above-mentioned scholarships .The award of all these scholarships varies depending on the scholarship that applicants wish to apply for as the Chinese Government Scholarship will provide full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance, and medical insurance fee. The applicants have to submit an online form with all their documents. All documents must be either in Chinese or English and notarized.

Admission Details

For admission to Southwest University, the Candidates should be non-Chinese residents  and must be in good health, outstanding previous academic performance, and bachelor's degree for the master program while a master's degree for a doctoral program. The international  candidates must have to submit an online form with a scanned copy of passport, their last degree, and transcript, passport size photo, English or Chinese language proficiency proof, study plan, and two recommendation letters .All documents must be either in Chinese or English and notarized.


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