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Study in Germany from Pakistan consultants

By Administrator | Last modified 15th Feb 2023
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Looking Study in Germany for international students 

Germany is known as one of the best country in the world for its education system, living standard, Strong economy, and careerwise for students. German universities are the world's best universities in the field of medicine, engineering, management, arts, etc. Study in Germany from Pakistan can be a great experience to be a student of world-leading universities there. For international students, English-taught Study programs are available at 236 different Universities and colleges, and different 17,000 Study courses are also available to foreign students. The tuition fee for international students at German universities is very low around 200 euros to 1000 euros annually. Students can apply for fully funded scholarships also in German universities which cover all education expenses like tuition fees, hostel expenses, food, and travel expense. Germany's education system is highly rated and provides industry professional skills to students to make them eligible to get jobs easily.

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German universities offer all courses for bachelor, master, and PhD in Humanities, Engineering, Science and Social Science, Doctor of Medicine, Arts & Political Science, etc. Applications start in the September of each year and finish in July.

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Study in Germany

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Study in Germany for free:

Germany has reputation for providing the best education in the world, German Universities grant scholarships to all international students that cover all expenses, it doesn’t matter if you are from Pakistan or India. But if you apply for MBA or engineering courses at private Universities, then it will be expensive.

How to Apply to Study in Germany:

Students can apply to any german university through the online portal and provide the required information and documentation.To applying Study in Germany for International students, the academic start semester and End Semester to study in Germany has two sessions:

  1. Autumn Session intake
  2. Spring Session intake
Autumn Session:

This session starts in SEP. or OCT. Applying month period is in May and ends in July.

Spring Session:

This session starts in March or April. Applying month period is in December and ends in January.

Required Documents:

German Universities required some specific documentation for International Students to secure admission. All universities have their own eligibility criteria and admission criteria for Students.

Bachelor Students requirements Documents:
  1. Application Form
  2. Passport Size Picture
  3. Passport & ID Card (Singed or Attested)
  4. Matric certificate
  5. Criteria for Eligible students minimum percentage of 65% or more in intermediate
  6. 13 years of Intermediate education.
  7. Intermediate recommendation letter
  8. IELTS or TOEFL certificate
  9. School recommendation letter

Study in Germany for Pakistani Students

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What is the time Duration for Bachelor's Degree in Germany?:

Bachelor courses have six or eight semesters and are generally finished in 03 or 04 years.

Master Students Required Documents:
  1. Passport Size Picture
  2. Passport & ID Card
  3. Attested or Signed Transcripts
  4. Application Form & fees
  5. IELTS or TOEFL certificate
  6. Attested matric, Intermediate, and Bachelor's certificate or Degrees. Short-listed master courses accept students with 03 years of bachelor's degree.
  7.  Criteria for Eligible students minimum percentage of 65% or more in Bachelor's degree
  8. Two years experience of degree-related work experience after Bachelor's is required
  9. Certificate required GRE/GMAT test (if university required)
  10. Two recommendation letters from college or university (Compulsory)
  11. Other degrees Programs
  12. What is GRE/GMAT Test:
  13. GRE: This is a general test for students who are thinking of Germany for a Master's program in English.
  14. GMAT: IF you need to apply for study in economics, law, MBA, and other management courses.

What is the time Duration for a master's degree in Germany?    

Master's courses have two to four semesters and are generally finished in two years.

Ph.D. required Documents:
  1. Signed Copies of Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor, and Master Certificate marks sheet (all Semesters), and all transcripts of Bachelor & Master.
  2. Must have a master's degree or 18 years of Education.
  3. IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
  4. Two recommendation letters from college & university.
  5. Work experience if university required.
  6. Master Thesis.
  7. Very strong research Ideas.
  8. Received letter from Germany Professors to guide your Research work.
  9. At least 70% on the Graduation and Postgraduate degrees marks sheet then you are eligible for Germany Universities.
  10. GRE or GMAT certificate is required if the university required it.

What is Time Duration for Postgraduate study in Germany?

Generally, three years to five years to finish your Ph.D. Degree in Germany.

   Study Abroad in Germany

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 Frequently asked question

How much does it cost to study in Germany from Pakistan?

In most German universities tuition fee is about 200 euros to 1000 euros annually for international students.

Do Students need IELTS for Germany?

Most universities required IELTS to get admission to the university. Although some universities may give admission on the basis of letter of English proficiency.

Does the German embassy conduct the visa interview?

Yes, in most cases they ask for a visa interview in the embassy.

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Posted on 14th Nov 2022

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