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Poland study visa from Pakistan without IELTS

By Administrator | Last modified 28th Feb 2023
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Poland is a small country situated in the Mid of Europe. Poland's government administration is trying to make it the best place to study in Poland for Pakistani students. Poland study visa from Pakistan is attracting huge numbers of bachelor students to study there. Poland is attracting thousands of international students each year. The best part is Poland universities are offering the world's top education at the lowest fee and living expenses are also very cheap compared to other European countries. International students studying in Poland will give them a high-quality European degree. This is recognized worldwide. Studying in Poland at a low cost for international students will enjoy high-quality teaching and European Union living standards. There will also be an opportunity for a future career in Poland.

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Key Facts for Study in Poland

Teaching Language

  • English
  • Polish

Top Universities

  1. University of Warsaw
  2. Jagiellonian University

Course Duration

  • Bachelor four years
  • Masters 2 years
  • PhD 3-6 years

Average Application fee

85-100 PLN 

Minimum education required

12 years education

Average fee structure

The average fee is 1000 euros to 6000 euros yearly

Is IELTS required or not?

Generally, IELTS is not required.

Entry Test


Eligibility criteria

50%-60% marks in the last education



Part-time job Working hours

20 working hours are allowed for international students.

After the study work permit


Embassy location


Bank statements

25 Lacs

Average monthly expense

300 euros – 600 euros

Admission processing time

Generally, 2 weeks

Visa processing time

Generally, 5 weeks

Poland Visa fee



Why to study in Poland from Pakistan?

In recent years, Poland has become an increasingly popular destination for international students to study there. Polish people are relatively homogenous and very friendly with other countries' people. International students in the country feel very welcomed and accepted by the local’s people, especially those who are living in the cities.

Finally and most importantly, the excellent education quality of Poland universities for international students is the main reason, that is why thousands of international students choose to study in Poland.

Study in Poland Consultancy

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Some Benefits of Studying in Poland for International Students

Many Pakistani and indian students prefer to study in Poland. For international students studying in Poland can be beneficial for the following benefits:

  • Low tuition fees, low cost of living, and low cost of food.
  • The simple visa procedure and economical.
  • International students do not open a block account in Poland such as in Germany needs a block account.
  • Easy access to Germany and other European countries.
  • High admission ratio.
  • Schengen visa.
  • Internship/transfer opportunities in European countries and USA.
  • Low rate crime rate.
  • Courses taught in English for international students to study in Poland.
  • There are universities in every major city in Poland, so you can also study in Poland.
  • Scholarships are available for international students.
  • Low Bank statement.
  • High visa ratio.

Is Poland an affordable place to study for international students?

Another advantage of studying in Poland for international students is affordability. For college students from EU/EEA countries, public universities in Poland charge no fee. For non-European students, tuition fees cost €2,000 - €6000 yearly. If you prefer to study at a private university, tuition can range from €5,000 to €12,000 per year which is pretty low in comparison to different EU countries.

Study in Poland for Pakistani Students

Cost of Studying in Poland for International Students

Both fees and the cost of living are meager. Studying in Poland is also very easy for international students. It is cheaper for internationals to study in Poland than in other European countries. The tuition fee for international students to study in regional Poland is 200-250 USD. This is sufficient to cover fees for local resources, food, and travel. And international students can also work part-time jobs while studying in Poland. Polish universities also offer scholarships and banks to international students to reduce the cost of studying in Poland.

Top Universities in Poland

Poland has a lot to offer international students in the form of world-class universities and study and research experiences. With the best universities and colleges to study in Poland for international students, you will definitely have a wide choice.

Here are some of the best universities in Poland for international students.

  1. University of Warsaw
  2. Jagiellonian University
  3. University of Zielona Gora
  4. Wrocław Medical University
  5. AGH University of Science and Technology

1: University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw ranks at the top list of the best universities for international students in Poland. The University of Warsaw, a public college in Poland, became based in 1816. It offers bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees to international students in the field of humanities, business, computer science, agriculture, and sciences. With over 37,400 students, the university is currently the largest university in the country which is contributing great efforts to Poland's education. The University of Warsaw is absolutely the best choice to study bachelor, master or PhD degree.

2: Jagiellonian University

Second, on this list of the best universities to study in Poland for international students is Jagiellonian University. Due to its strong academic standing, Jagiellonian University often hosts many international students. Jagiellonian University, the oldest university for international students to study in Poland, was founded by Casimir the Great, King of Poland. For more than 650 years, the university has produced quality research and education for a variety of disciplines. Today, this university has recognized as one of the top-performing institutions in the country as they build its global reputation.

3: Zielona Gora University

Another excellent school for international students to study in Poland is the University of Zielona Góra. It is one of the most popular names in Poland's education system and at the international level, it receives a large number of student applications each year. The University of Zielona Góra is a highly regarded institution for international students to study. it is one of the best schools in the country offering various undergraduate and graduate degrees to both local and international students. They strive to provide more opportunities for learning and research at all levels.

4: Wroclaw Medical University

Next on our list of top universities to study in Poland for international students is Wroclaw Medical University. This university offers a wide range of courses in various fields. Wroclaw Medical University is a prestigious institution in the southwestern area of Poland. Universities consist of four faculties, Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, and Pharmacy. The university is affiliated with public and university clinical hospitals to impart high-quality and practical education to the students. Only a limited number of programs are available in English in the faculties of medicine, dentistry, and health sciences.

5: AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST) is one of the most desirable public university for international students to study in Poland. AGH university offers courses in Social Sciences, business management, computer sciences, Technical Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Earth Sciences. This University in Poland for International Students consistently ranks high in national ranking and international rankings. Its innovation is a guarantee that the institution provides an international-level study environment with high-quality education and research in Poland.

Study in Poland

Admission is required for international students to study in Poland.

For an international student to study in Poland you must at least graduate from high school which enables you to enroll in higher education.

The following are the requirements for international students to study in Poland.

  • Education requirement.
  • Language is required.

Education requirements

Bachelor: For international students to study in Poland they must have completed a High school diploma/degree or 12 years of education in their country.

Masters: To obtain admission to a master's degree, students must have 16 years of education of Bachelor's.

PhD: To get enroll in PhD, students must have 18 years education of in Masters with a strong research background. Students must have finished their research thesis and research article in highly reputed international journals.

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Language Requirement

International students, have to show English proficiency either by IELTS/PTE or an English proficiency letter provided by the last educational institution. Some universities may require to attend interview tests to judge student English language abilities. Fluency in Polish is not required.

The application process for a Poland study visa from Pakistan

Generally, international students can study in Poland for two semesters per year. That means the fall semester is in October and the spring semester is in February. Before applying, international student candidates to study in Poland should contact the international office of the selected university to obtain an application form.

How International Students Apply to a Polish University

Here are the important steps that a student should remember while applying to universities.

First, choose the university and preferred course to study in Poland for international students. Get the application form from the selected university website. Fill out the application and get more details like test requirements and more admissions information for international students.

The following are the required documents for admission in Poland.

  • Application form
  • Passport.
  • Passport size white background 2 photos.
  • Last education transcript and degree
  • Two Recommendation letters
  • English proficiency letters or IELTS
  • Study plan (For bachelor and master)
  • research proposal (For PhD)

Poland visa requirements for Pakistani

  • Embassy Application form
  • Passport.
  • Passport size white background 2 photos.
  • Admission letter from Poland university.
  • Attested Last education transcript and degree.
  • Two Recommendation letters
  • English proficiency letters or IELTS
  • Study plan (For bachelor and master)
  • research proposal (For PhD)
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Tax return
  • Financial proofs
  • Sponsor affidavit letter
  • Property documents
  • Family registration certificate
  • Cover letter
  • Hotel booking
  • Plane booking
  • Insurance
  • Any other supporting documents

Why does Poland study visa from Pakistan?

There are many reasons why international students are interested in studying in Poland. One of the main reasons for this is that, unlike other European countries, Poland has public and private schools for education in almost every major city. All these Polish higher education institutions offer a choice of courses to their international students. So you can choose your favorite course from a variety of courses. And degrees offered by Polish universities are recognized in the European Union and worldwide. Studying in Poland as an international student will give you a solid foundation to get an excellent job in the EU and beyond. Many surgeons and scientists have graduated from Polish universities. So study in Poland for international students and gain the worldwide career skills you will need to succeed in your career.

Are there English universities in Poland for international students?

International students have the opportunity to choose from over 400 programs at different universities each year to study in Poland. There are two options for international students to study in Poland. Students can decide to study either English medium or Polish medium degree courses. Whatever medium you choose. You must provide proof of competence in English or Polish prior to entry and visa processing.

What are the reasons for Poland study visa from Pakistan

  1. Great community with international students
  2. Convenient location for travel
  3. Impressive culture and historical heritage
  4. cuisine

1: Great community with international students

Poland is one of the favourite European destinations for international students to study. It hosts more than 57,000 international students from around the world studying in Poland

2: Convenient location for travel

Geographically, Poland's location is a gem. It is a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. So buses and trains are the best options for getting around and exploring. There are also good air travel options with daily direct flights to most European capitals from many airports in Poland. If international students study in Poland it will be easy and comfortable to visit some of the best-looking cities in Europe like Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, and Bratislava.

3: Impressive culture and historical heritage

If you want something to do on a boring Sunday, Poland is the perfect place. This land of historical and cultural heritage offers a wide range of attractions. There is no doubt about the country that gave birth to great minds like Frederic Chopin, Nicolas Copernicus, and Marie Curie. In Krakow, you may appreciate the Wawel Castle Which is the first world cultural heritage of UNESCO, Which has been the home of kings for centuries and a symbol of the Polish state. A former European Capital of Culture (2016), Wroclaw is home to numerous operas, theaters, and hundreds of famous street fairs. In the city's colorful Rynek you'll also find Poland's oldest restaurant, Piwnica Świdnicka. Which has welcomed famous guests like Pablo Picasso?

4: Cuisine

Poland isn't usually the first country that springs to mind when it comes to great food - although you may know its great beer and premium vodka from an all-night party. However, typical Polish food is very tasty. Pierogi, Gołąbki, Rosół, Bigos, Żurek, Sernik, Paczki, Ptasie mleczko. From salty to sweet specialties try it to believe it!

Study in Poland without IELTS

Conclusion of Poland study visa from Pakistan

There is not any denying that it's worth trying hard to get a study visa to Poland from Pakistan. It delivers a first-rate education to international students. However, there are some difficulties that an international student may encounter while studying in Poland. In this article we have discussed why to study in Poland, top Poland universities, admission requirements, and requirements for a Poland study visa from Pakistan. So you can figure out what's important before you start your application.

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Posted on 27th Nov 2022

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