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MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students fee structure and Scholarship 2023

By Administrator | Last modified 20th May 2023
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Turkey and Pakistan are two countries but their relationship is solid and long-lasting. According to the World Bank (2016), turkey descriptive of middle-income European and central Asia nation,s and Pakistan represent a low-income south Asia nation. MBBS in turkey for Pakistani students is an excellent economical option who cannot afford MBBS in Pakistan universities. In Turkey, Pakistani students can get fully funded scholarships also to pursue MBBS. There are a different kind of Turkish Scholarships which supports MBBS studies.

MBBS fee in turkey is affordable when compared to other European countries. The average fee structure for MBBS in turkey is 9800$ yearly. Each university has a different fee structure for Pakistani students. MBBS degrees from Turkish universities are valid by Pakistan Government and many other world-recognized bodies such as WHO.

Many students choose Turkey for their MBBS study and Turkey always welcomes Pakistani students. Pakistani students must have 60% or more marks in their FSC result sheet to secure MBBS admission to Turkish universities. The Cost of the MBBS fee varies from university to university. The average MBBS cost for Pakistani students in Turkish universities is about 9800$ per year.

Pakistani students can get much experience and information during their education trip in the most impressive country. Turkey always gives rewards for outstanding performance. Here is comprehensive awareness related to MBBS.




Teaching Language

English, Turkish

Top universities

  • Ankara University
  • Ege University
  • Koc University
  • Gazi University
  • Maltepe University Istanbul

Course Duration

6-years degree for MBBS

Average Application fee

35-100 USD

Minimum education required

Must have FSC with biology and minimum  60% marks.

Average MBBS fee structure

9800$ per year degree for MBBS


Entry Test

Required. YOS test, some universities may not required

Is IELTS required or not?

Some universities may ask for IELTS

Eligibility criteria

12 years education. 60% marks in FSC result card.



Part time job Working hours

20 per week for graduate or master

After study work permit

Allow after one year.

Embassy location


Bank statements

3-6 months bank statement required

Average monthly expense

400-560 EUR per month

2. MBBS Scholarship in Turkey for Pakistani students

Turkey provides fully funded scholarships for all international students to study MBBS in Turkey. It is a good scholarship program for Pakistani students and they are providing the following full-time or short-time programs in Turkey. There are scholarship programs quite different than other scholarships because it does not just offer financial support, but also provide health insurance and social, and cultural facilities this is all level of high education. Many turkey universities provide scholarships without IELTS.

Many students go to turkey to study MBBS every year for the quality of education and research. The Turkish government announced 5,000 scholarships for all international students including all types of program master, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. fully-funded scholarships provided for Pakistani students in private and public sectors. Turkey wants to build up all education programs for all international students. Pakistani student can achieve their dream degree MBBS through a Turkish government scholarship. The study environment is significantly protective for all international students. Every year thousands of students come to turkey for MBBS education purposes. There is no required entry Test for MBBS and very qualified teachers are available in turkey universities.

3. MBBS Universities in turkey for Pakistani students      

  1. The Ankara University.
  2. The Ege University.
  3. The Koc University.
  4. The Gazi University.
  5. The Maltepe University Istanbul

1. Ankara University.

World Ranking


Fee structure

700 USD

IELTS required or not

Not required

Average tuition fee

670 USD

Acceptance rate




Ankara University is the best for MBBS Students in Turkey. It is the highest ranked 19 in the world. There is an average fee of 700 USD per year and its acceptance rate is 43% so students can easily take admission. Established the high institution of agriculture in 1933 and, after that, opened the faculty of humanities in 1935. The school of political science was founded in 1936, but its actual opening was delayed until 1940 because of the Second World War. This university has provided many doctors because many students come here for MBBS. This is a public university. Ankara University is an old age research center, and this organizes the research Centers according to the projects. This university provides many programmers related to MBBS.

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2. Ege university

World Ranking


Fee structure

240-750 USD

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

350 Euro

Acceptance rate



Ege University is the fourth-oldest university in Turkey. The university's first step was to provide facilities for students in the medicine and agriculture departments, which were founded in 1955 after that nursing school was established in the same academy year. In 2019, all institutes at the graduate school level (MBBS) and 37 application and research centers expanded. Ege University has succeeded in its research and education departments. But also, this is the best university for MBBS students. Students can explore their abilities if they are admitted to this university. Ege University is the greatest for MBBS. Further, its acceptance rate is 30%, and its average tuition fee is about 350 euros. Ege University is a developer illustrative of the Fourth Generation University Conception.

3. Koc university

World Ranking


Fee structure

$ 215.00 USD

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

291 USD

Acceptance rate


Koc University was founded in 1993 as a private university in Turkey. This is a very impressive university, and its students achieved the highest score through this university they are achieving their goals related to the MBBS such as a Koc School, Robert college, etc. University has many departments such as a college of science, college of Engineering, school of medicine, and school of nursing.  It is an acceptance rate of 15%. Some very qualified teachers provide many facilities for MBBS students. Koc, University is one of the most famous universities in the world this university offers a safe environment for international students. Turkey always welcomes Pakistani students there

4. Gazi university

World Ranking


Fee structure

53 USD

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

1000 USD

Acceptance rate


Gazi University was founded in 1926 as a private-sector institution in Ankara, Turkey. Gazi University is ranked 42% in the world. There is IELTS required minimum 6 bands score. This university's acceptance rate is 37% so this is good for international students. This is a high-level university in the world. 3,000 faculty members teaching at this university, are providing their knowledge and experience for all students relating to MBBS. There is a suitable environment for all MBBS students, so every year many students go there for the education and their ambitions associated with MBBS

4. Admission requirements and documents list for MBBS in Turkey

All international students must complete all documents according to the university requirements for admission to Turkish universities. Every university has different criteria for admission, and this depends on the degree. The following are some requirements for admission to Turkey University. Turkey is a protective country for international students. If you have all the types of requirements documents, then it’s easy for admission and can quickly process for admission.

  • Pictures required
  • Passport
  • Last degree transcript
  • You have must be physical fitness certificate
  • Character certificate
  • It may be required CV

Maybe universities demand more documents according to the programs because each university has different rules and regulations.

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5. Visa requirements and documents for Pakistani students

Visa requirements and documents for Pakistani students are that (diplomatic, service, and unique passport holders) from Pakistan are exempt from applying for a visa to enter Turkey for up to 90 days. Turkey is a safe country for Pakistani students, and many students go to Turkey to study, so some terms and conditions are required for all international students. Without these requirements, students cannot be admitted to international universities.

The following are the general requirements for applying for a Turkish visa from Pakistan:

  • A duly filled and completed Visa Application Form (VAF).
  • Two photos (white background; 5x5cm size)
  • Travel documents are valid for at least 6 months from the travel date, and passports are only A4 size.
  • Must be showing income status (salary checks, FBR, NTN, and an Active Taxpayer Certificate).
  • Family registration is required if married; show a certificate (if newly married) from the NADRA office.
  • Must show the invitation letter from the meeting or conference committee. (If applicable)
  • The cover letter should be one page long and include an explanation of the conference and seminar by the applicant.
  • Financial documents are required for admission.
  • Bank account maintenance must be a certificate is required. It’s only for Punjab and Sindh.
  • Proof of intention to return, transit ticket reservation, etc.
  • There must be proof of safe accommodation in Turkey (hotel reservation, invitation letter, etc.).
  • Period of study in Turkey and travel health insurance certificate coverage of USD 50,000 (PKR 10,248,655)
  • Polio vaccination certificate.

6. Cost of living for Pakistani students

The cost of living in Turkey is pretty affordable for all international students. Around 300–400 euros per month are required to live in Turkey. This money is mainly spent on accommodation, clothing, transportation, food, and other utilities. It depends on your situation, lifestyle, and the degree program you attend. Turkey's universities provide good food, a reasonable tuition fee, and other facilities. It includes university hostels, and students should contact universities for accommodation facilities. The government, as well as on-campus residences, is reasonably protected. Require a furnished kitchen and other basic facilities. If the student wants, they can have a shared or private room at the dormitory. These residences are also divided by gender. Around 20 euros to 200 euros per month for renting a house, depending on your lifestyle facilities. International students in Turkey can get insurance in their home countries.

So if you want a Turkish health insurance plan, it will cost around 30-100 USD for a 1-year duration. Mainly a Pakistani student who wants to set up his higher education degree courses at Turkish universities. He should draw up a budget to manage the various expenses of studying abroad. First, he or she must apply for admission to a Turkish university online. In some countries, proper admission application fees are required. Turkish universities usually do not charge an application fee, so the student should check the official university website for detailed information.

7. Part-time working hours and income

Part-time work is allowed for international students. If international students are registered as graduate and postgraduate programmers, they can work part-time for up to 30 to 35 hours per week. And those students who are enrolled as undergraduate students and can work for a maximum of 30 hours a week after the first year of studies There aren’t many options for work, and if you don’t speak Turkish, then many jobs have minor salaries next to those in the EU, Canada, and the United States, so make sure that Turkey is your favorite place before you continue reading this. So there are outstanding opportunities in Turkey. It’s suitable for Pakistani students, so finally, here’s what we advise you to do, however, you go on your journey to Turkey’s

8.  After Study work permit/ future opportunities for Pakistan students 

Turkey has introduced new laws for international students, so those new rules for all international students postgraduate students in Turkey so are applying for the Student Work Permit there is a law allow that those all international doctoral students who want to gain opportunities at Turkish universities then they have the right to find employment and get work permits in Turkey. But this law does not allow those students who are taking a degree or any other undergraduate programming. Further information is that Short programmers or undergrad degree programmers are not allowed on the work permits. When the students get a Turkey work permit, they can work openly and enjoy their lifestyle. There are many opportunities for all international students after studying. 

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9. Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students

Can I work in Turkey with the E-Visa?

E-visa in Turkey is not valid for student visas because E-visa is only valid for those traveling for tourism or business.

What are the application deadlines for MBBS in Turkey?

Each university has different dates for admission and different application deadlines, so you should check the university's website.

Can I work if I have a student visa?

Yes, international students are permitted to work, but they must adhere to Turkey's rules.

Posted on 08th Mar 2023

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